Eh asan ang apple?!

LOL for the subject title. Wala ako maisip. Sorry!

Iniwi, I just learned about the new iPhone 5s and 5c!

5c is an inexpensive edition of iP5.  Just wondering though. Why did Apple even bother with the iPhone 5C, instead of just downgrading the current iPhone 5 to mid-range status like it has in previous years?  It’s also said that it has the same specs as iP5. This is how they look.


Yup! They look unreal. haha! Compare to iP5, these are plastics. Or rather, cheap materials were used. pero teka, I personally love the green one!



Moving on, on the other hand, we have the iP5s with iOS7.

Apple finally unveiled the next iteration of the iPhone. As expected, it carries most of the features of iP5 but as is the case with every “S” model, there’s still a marked upgrade in regards to internals and some exterior hardware. Namely, the iPhone 5s will include the A7 processor, an improved camera with dual-LED flash, and a fingerprint sensor in the device’s sapphire glass home button.


The iPhone 5s will ship in three different finishes: “space gray,” silver, and the previously-rumored gold. While there’s only minor changes between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s aluminum bodies, the iPhone 5s also includes a redesigned home button. And after weeks of speculation, the iPhone 5s will in fact include a fingerprint scanner for security.

Here’s the gold one. I fell in luuurve.


Sobrang posh diba? Haha.

These are not yet launched in the Philippines. But believe me, once launched, expect photos from IG saying “Got my new baby!” Haha.


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