When the heart speaks, WRITE :)

TRUE LOVE would always find its way to understand PAIN.


Last night, R and I had a kind-of-serious talk. It was a good one. We never do that (according to her). My reason? I don’t wanna spoil our moments. I always wanna be happy whenever we are together. It’s the least we can do despite everything. To be happy. 

I once said that if I have to do it, I’ll do it alone. But when she said “Do not protect me, I’m willing to get hurt with you”, I knew I’m not alone. I am not fighting alone. 

I cried buckets of tears. (Hi babe, you don’t know that because that’s right after I hung up. LOL) And no, it’s not because of pain but because of overwhelming joy. :”> 

It is just so amazing that we are this strong. That we can still manage to put smile in our faces. We both know that the worst is yet to come. And I know. I feel it. We’ll definitely get through it. I have faith in US 🙂 


❤ xoxo



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