HAPPY 2014! :)

Hello guys!

Yeessss. I am back! 🙂 


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YES means NO.


Yup. Some girls (Okay fine, including me.) do this. For instance, 

Boyf: Hey babe. There’s this new place somewhere blah blah. Imma go check it out with them bros. Cool? 

Girlf: Yeah, sure. 




1. You did not ask her if she wants to come along.

2. You’re an idiot for not doing #1. 


Hahaha. No, but seriously though. There’s always a reason behind every YES that meant NO. 

And we, girls, won’t tell you what that is. Go figure and don’t ever complain. We’re always right. 😀






Eh asan ang apple?!

LOL for the subject title. Wala ako maisip. Sorry!

Iniwi, I just learned about the new iPhone 5s and 5c!

5c is an inexpensive edition of iP5.  Just wondering though. Why did Apple even bother with the iPhone 5C, instead of just downgrading the current iPhone 5 to mid-range status like it has in previous years?  It’s also said that it has the same specs as iP5. This is how they look.


Yup! They look unreal. haha! Compare to iP5, these are plastics. Or rather, cheap materials were used. pero teka, I personally love the green one!



Moving on, on the other hand, we have the iP5s with iOS7.

Apple finally unveiled the next iteration of the iPhone. As expected, it carries most of the features of iP5 but as is the case with every “S” model, there’s still a marked upgrade in regards to internals and some exterior hardware. Namely, the iPhone 5s will include the A7 processor, an improved camera with dual-LED flash, and a fingerprint sensor in the device’s sapphire glass home button.


The iPhone 5s will ship in three different finishes: “space gray,” silver, and the previously-rumored gold. While there’s only minor changes between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s aluminum bodies, the iPhone 5s also includes a redesigned home button. And after weeks of speculation, the iPhone 5s will in fact include a fingerprint scanner for security.

Here’s the gold one. I fell in luuurve.


Sobrang posh diba? Haha.

These are not yet launched in the Philippines. But believe me, once launched, expect photos from IG saying “Got my new baby!” Haha.

Best week ever!!!

July 8 -15, 2013. 

Best days of my life, YET! 🙂

When I turned 18, I told myself that I will celebrate my birthday the best way I can. Three years ago, I had a jagger bombing party, an epic house party, and a kiddie party. 🙂 Every birthday – memorable. ❤ 

This year is a lot different. Nah, nothing special….. Just something AMAZING! 🙂

I never saw this coming but yeah, I’d like to believe I met Ranee for a reason 🙂 Fate made our paths crossed. From then, unconsciously, we got stuck with each other. (at least for her, I was her crush kaya. Lol). I will not run through how we got here, but I am happy to announce (char), *drum roll please*, WE ARE OFFICIALLY TOGETHER 🙂 hashtag best birthday ever ❤

HA??? PANO?!!! BAKIT??? Diba… WEH?!!! — I say, WALA KAYONG PAKELAM! :)) 

No, yes. J and I are not yet over. Wag kang judgmental ate, I am fixing what’s wrong here. Be patient, okay? Donchaheytmeh ❤

Before I go in to all facets, let me just brag about how my birth day/week went ❤

I am not so good at throwing surprises, I think. R’s bday was July 9, yep! right before my birthday, how cool is that? 🙂 Say meant? HAHA! Anyway, the time she got back from Baguio, I asked her for a birthday dinner date. Original plan? Dinner at Vikings where birthday celebrants gets full attention, a cake and free charge! What happened? We ate at Buffet101 thinking it was Vikings, she had no ID to show its her birthday, we payed for 2. HAHA! So basically, It was a total flop haha! (told you am not so good at this). -_- 

Pambawi, I asked her to ride the Ferris wheel. Childish? Not. She knew what riding that thing means to me. ❤ We kissed at the peak. Lighting strikes left and right, it was perfect. Baduy ba? Haha leave us alone. LOL

Night was still young so we both decided to have few drinks at Pier 101. And there, we waited for 12mn for my birthday. Sweet, right? right? 🙂 


I woke up with such good mood. Obligatory good mood because its my birthday, duh! 😛 Kidd! (Listening to Simply Amazing by Trey Songz atm. She made me listen to it. :”> arte) Going back…. Her, being a walking surprise – lol i like that., she made me cry. WHY?


Because this cute cake landed on my desk and it totally awwed me. Not because I love Minions, but because it was from her ❤ My own minion. Char. Night that day, she made a reservation for a dinner. And ended my day with her arms around me. SO PERF. See how panis my plan compared to hers? HAHAHA. 

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – We were together. No sawa factor! 🙂 Went to Pampanga to celebrate my bday with my long time friends and her. 🙂 Also met her friends last night. ❤

JULY 15, 2013 – 1:48AM. For some God provided reason (LOL), I stayed in her place. We cuddled and talked. And in just a snap, out of nowhere, I asked her. “Will you be my girlfriend?” —YES. She was stunned. Haha! Wish I had a camera to capture the reaction. She gave me the ANONG-SINASABE-MO-DYAN look and I threw her my killer smile 🙂 And it did the trick. She said OFCOURSE 🙂 ❤ 

I don’t know why. I don’t know how. The words just came out of my mouth. The feeling was overwhelming. Maybe that’s how LOVE mysteriously works. Right at that moment, I felt the need to ask her. To own her. And now, she’s mine. And I’M HERS. Yes. I am. ❤ 



Holy Cramps!! Major PMS (Prepare to Meet Satan)

I am torn between killing myself and killing everyone around me today. I am trying really hard to be nice but apparently, everybody is so annoying.


Specifically these two clowns beside me. They are totally getting into my nerves. Ugh leave me alone please. Or please do me a fovor. Commit suicide. Bacause really, I may look s calm now but I killed you 3times in my head already. 

When the heart speaks, WRITE :)

TRUE LOVE would always find its way to understand PAIN.


Last night, R and I had a kind-of-serious talk. It was a good one. We never do that (according to her). My reason? I don’t wanna spoil our moments. I always wanna be happy whenever we are together. It’s the least we can do despite everything. To be happy. 

I once said that if I have to do it, I’ll do it alone. But when she said “Do not protect me, I’m willing to get hurt with you”, I knew I’m not alone. I am not fighting alone. 

I cried buckets of tears. (Hi babe, you don’t know that because that’s right after I hung up. LOL) And no, it’s not because of pain but because of overwhelming joy. :”> 

It is just so amazing that we are this strong. That we can still manage to put smile in our faces. We both know that the worst is yet to come. And I know. I feel it. We’ll definitely get through it. I have faith in US 🙂 


❤ xoxo